The Art And Science Of Contemporary Surgical Endodontics

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This book begins with a concise review of the basic science of tissues and then moves into diagnosis, treatment planning, and surgical procedures in endodontics, with an emphasis on the use of enhanced magnification, ultrasonic tips, micro-instruments, newer root-end filling materials, and CBCT. Chapters on the maxillary sinus and its relation to surgical endodontics, soft and hard tissue healing, and adjunctive surgical procedures and considerations such as management of procedural accidents, resorption, root amputation, hemisection, replantation, transplantation, crown lengthening, grafting materials, and pharmacology are followed by an assessment of the outcomes of surgical endodontics based on current evidence. An accompanying DVD presents valuable videos demonstrating many of the procedures. These features provide the reader with a textbook that is concise, current, and easy to follow in an interactive manner. Written by a team of leading authorities and richly illustrated, this new compendium of state-of-the-art knowledge and protocols is essential reading for practicing endodontists and residents alike.
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1. Anatomical Zones in Endodontic Surgery
2. Histology of Tissues Involved in Surgical Endodontics
3. Bone Physiology and Metabolism in Endodontic Surgery
4. Radiolucent Periapical Pathosis
5. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
6. Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Treatment Planning of Periapical Surgery
7. Magnification and Illumination in Apical Microsurgery
8. Local Anesthesia and Hemostasis
9. Soft Tissue Management
10. Apical Microsurgery: Application of Armamentaria, Materials, and Methods
11. Root-End Filling Materials
12. Surgical Endodontics and the Maxillary Sinus
13. Suturing and Postoperative Instructions
14. Wound Healing
15. Adjunctive Procedures
16. Pharmacology in Surgical Endodontics
17. Outcomes of Endodontic Surgery

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